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Ok so after the 12 hour flight to LA, I decided to stay the 8 hours at some hotel for the day, near LAX (mainly also because it looks like my last flight from Chicago to Milwaukee might be canceled due to snow storms, not good, not good). So apparently this is how it goes, you ring up some random hotels (free from the airport, yey!) and ask for rates and then you get your rate, and the shuttle comes to pick you up from wherever you are (yey!) and then you get to the entrance and the person tells you the room is double what you got quoted on the phone (nay nay nay!!!). So you form a "oh-my-Gosh-what-the-f*" face at which point the person behind the desk says "ok, for you, let's make it half price" (and by half price they actually mean a bit more than actual half, and then add to that taxes). But ahhh precious precious showers and beds....

My room:IMGP0019.jpg

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Intro blurb

So it seems that the time has come for me to prepare for my trip to the US, and I have decided to join the latest craze and get a travel blog - a nice, cute ... free ... one. So here it is! Feel free to add comments and leave me messages and I will try to post as much as I can. Ola for now!

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